ERP Implementation Project Management

Ensure that scope, risk, and budget are all being accounted for during your ERP system implementation project with the key to success – an expert ERP project manager. Inadequate project management can play a major role in failed implementations, which makes it necessary to partner with a company like Paapri that offers a dedicated project management team to help navigate the ERP project schedule and beyond the entire way.

Value of an ERP Project Manager

The number one rule to attaining a successful ERP system implementation is having a dedicated project manager. Project managers, or a project management team, will be able to keep all parties involved in the process aligned. This creates efficiencies and helps to minimize risk, stick to the budget, and consider scope throughout the entire ERP implementation project.

When working with Paapri, our Project Management services come in conjunction with our ERP Evaluation and Subject Matter Consulting services. This means that, even if we’re not the ones implementing your ERP system, our project management team will still understand how to successfully support your project. No matter how Paapri is involved, our project management services provide the following benefits

Dedicated Paapri ERP Project Manager

  • Translation between your business processes and the implementation team to ensure all functional requirements are fulfilled.
  • Prioritization of the implementation of key business processes that will lead to quicker user adoption.
  • Conduit to keep all parties informed of project risks and performance.
  • Management of project schedule and budget using agile and waterfall models, with particular attention paid to change requests that could impede on scope and budget.
  • On-site services to help make testing requests more manageable and streamlined.
  • Better allocation of customer resources with in-country services and project governance that allow the customer to focus on their business while we focus on successfully running the ERP implementation project.

The Paapri Way

With a baseline of extensive experience in manufacturing for small businesses already, helping you to evaluate your ERP systems gives us an even deeper understanding of your unique manufacturing processes. This understanding translates directly to how the Paapri project management team develops your ERP implementation project plan. Although each plan will be unique, there are some common Paapri process steps that are universal to the success of each ERP implementation project:

  • A proper introduction to your dedicated implementation team.
  • The creation of a shared drive for all ERP implementation project documents.
  • The creation of a SharePoint site for easy insight into project updates
  • The publishing of weekly project status reports and risk metrics
  • Collaboration with any involved teams to ensure alignment and that all timelines are met
  • Collaboration with your team to support the completion of the required testing and training for successful implementation.
ERP Implementation Timeline
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