ERP Evaluation

Navigate the vendor evaluation process prior to your ERP implementation. Utilize this Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) evaluation framework to help guide you to an ERP system that best fits your long-term process needs.

A Unique ERP Assessment Approach

Every organization is unique, with distinctive processes and specific ways to manage change within the company. Our consultants have implemented multiple ERP systems that take both big and small companies into account. While each ERP system does the basic processes the same way, we don’t take the traditional scorecard approach. Instead, a holistic approach utilizing workshops is implemented. This takes into consideration each department of your company.

Initial ERP Evaluation Process

To begin, we’ll meet with the executive team to discuss the applicable existing ERP software:

  • There has never been an ERP system, or a home-grown ERP framework in place
  • The existing ERP system is old, there’s a version lock, and something new is needed to avoid the expense of fixing and managing
  • The existing ERP system is less than 5 years old, but isn’t performing adequately for all areas of the company and needs to be reevaluated

ERP Needs Assessment

After determining the level of the existing ERP framework, a deep dive will be done into the ERP software needs:

  • ROI evaluation to analyze the cost of doing nothing for a varied number of years, which provides insight into budget parameters
  • Identification of which ERP tier provides the features that best fit company needs, informing timelines, resources, and risks
  • Company-wide department input on what would be ideal for them to have when considering ERP software

ERP Consulting Summary

Once company-wide considerations have been noted, it’s time to provide a summary of findings to management:

  • Potential conflicts are highlighted, and it’s determined whether it’s the right time to make a different ERP selection
  • Discussions are had around how the new ERP software will affect customer experience and improve products
ERP Software Selection

ERP Software Selection Next Steps

After determining that a new ERP approach is needed, the following will happen:

  • A functional specification document with key areas of consideration is sent to vendors to respond to
  • Vendors are shortlisted based on how effectively they solutioned the functional specs. They’ll be brought in for demo to see if your team likes the ERP
  • If the conclusion on which ERP to move forward with is not unanimous, we’ll help guide you and advise on what will work best for your company. We’ll also help build your internal project teams
  • If Infor CSI or NetSuite is chosen, we’re also in the position to offer additional value and provide software implementation. For any other selection, we offer project management and training services to make sure the implementation and adoption process is smooth
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