Customization in ERP Implementation

Get custom development services specifically focused on the needs of the manufacturing industry. Our team of problem solvers has gained extensive knowledge through years of experience working solely with manufacturers, enabling them to deliver the custom software solutions you need.

Custom Development Services

It’s common knowledge that all organizations have their own unique set of circumstances, needs, and difficulties. All these things, among several other company aspects, inform what is needed in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Often, various existing ERPs adequately address what a company needs, but there are occasions when something more is required. In these instances, the Paapri team is able to provide a custom built ERP system.

Non-Custom ERP Challenges

Issues often faced by manufacturing companies that decide to search for custom software solutions are:

  • Connecting systems within the organization that aren’t talking to one another
  • Utilizing a current system that does many things, but lacks the functional ability to do one thing that is very important to the success of the team
  • Understanding that a new ERP system is needed, knowing what the company needs out of it, but being unable to find a system where those needs are translated
Database design diagram example
Database design diagram example

Customized ERP Considerations

When searching for a custom development services partner to build the custom ERP software solutions you need, take the following into consideration:

  • Do they offer both custom development services and also understand the needs of the manufacturing business?
  • Can they build software in almost any technology stack that your company uses?
  • Are they able to build prototypes to show users how the end product is going to look and function?
  • Do they provide a dedicated team to help manage the project, or will you be required to manage the development team and be accessible whenever programmers are building the product?

The Paapri Way

Years of experience with both the manufacturing industry and software solutions has allowed us to hone in what customers need and how to provide the ERP customization they require:

  • Working solely with manufacturing companies, we not only understand the manufacturing industry but also the breadth of the business and the objective ERP systems need to meet
  • Vast experience means that we’ve encountered many customizations in ERP implementation challenges, allowing us to be able to recognize when a similar issue may occur and quickly resolve it
  • All custom development projects are managed by us and come with a requirements document, a prototype, and designated US/UK based project managers
  • Teams work in most commonly used technology stacks such as LAMP, WAMP, WINS as well as in cutting edge stacks such as MERN.
  • Programming is done in Java, PHP, .NET(C#), Python, JavaScript and similar languages
Web application built for receiving to run on a rugged tablet. Webapp connected to ERP
Web application built for receiving to run on a rugged tablet. Webapp connected to ERP.

Examples of Paapri Customization

Explore a few examples of our ERP customization capabilities throughout various manufacturing businesses:

  • Metal Manufacturer – Developed software to connect the quality system to their ERP
  • Leather Bag Manufacturer – Developed software to run their production scheduling and upload their schedule to their ERP
  • Electronics Manufacturer – Developed a system to gather machine output and apply business logic that alerts line side workers
  • Paint Manufacturer – Built a CRM, allowing them to extend the life of their aging ERP system

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