Custom Web Application Development

Overcome diverse business challenges and enhance supplier, customer, and employee experiences with custom web applications that help improve workflow efficiency, reduce costs, and save time.

ERP Development Solutions

Maintain easy control over everyday business tasks and determine solutions that cater to your specific business needs with custom ERP web applications. Our expert team will stay mindful in creating these solutions to be user friendly to set you and your team up for success in better workflow management and easier insight into business processes.

Custom Web App Development

When building your custom ERP web apps, the Paapri team will always keep your business strategy and the best interests of your team in mind. Any custom web app development work we do will:

  • Be built on the technology stack that works best for your business
  • Have industry-specific knowledge built in
  • Either be hosted on your servers or hosted by us, whichever is the best fit
  • Manage and maintain your application
  • Connect seamlessly with your ERP
  • Augment your ERP functionality

The Paapri Way

Years of experience with both the manufacturing industry and software solutions has allowed us to hone in what customers need and how to provide the custom web application development they require:

  • Working solely with manufacturing companies, we not only understand the manufacturing industry but also the breadth of the business and the objective custom applications need to meet
  • Vast experience means that we’ve encountered many custom web ERP app challenges, allowing us to be able to recognize when a similar issue may occur and quickly resolve it
  • All custom development projects are managed by us and come with a requirements document, a prototype, and designated US/UK based project managers
  • Teams work in most commonly used technology stacks such as LAMP, WAMP, WINS as well as in cutting edge stacks such as MERN.
  • Programming is done in Java, PHP, .NET(C#), Python, JavaScript and similar languages
  • Application hosting is in Azure and AWS based on customer preference

Examples of Paapri Custom Web Application Development

Explore a few examples of our custom web app capabilities

Vendor Portal
One of the most commonly requested web applications from manufacturers, customizing a vendor portal provides the flexibility to the vendor to accept purchase orders, confirm shipments, and issue exceptions and substitution requests all on one platform.
Buyer-Supplier Matchmaking
This platform provides a uniform place for buying and selling companies to input their respective information, which is then subsequently captured by the backend ERP.
Point of Sale (POS) Web Applications
Built to provide a better point of sale experience for manufacturer retail outlets, a custom POS web application can offer features such as the flexibility to individually customize product orders which would then be manufactured and sent to the appropriate customer.
Web applications are mainly of two types
Intranet (the applications that runs in your network) and internet (applications that can be accessed by anyone in the world). With the digital age, our customers want to take their intranet applications to the internet, to build secure web applications.
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