Business Intelligence Services

Inform business decisions based on predictive business analytics. Our business intelligence consulting services team will help to extract data from multiple systems and load it into a unified database so that meaningful visualizations of said data can be created and analyzed, improving business performance management.

Orange, our BI/data analysis engine
Orange, our BI/data analysis engine

Business Analytics Consulting Services

Knowing that a business can’t improve what it can’t measure, our expert team takes great care in helping companies plan their data driven decision frameworks and assisting in analyzing the data to provide meaningful intelligence that can be applied.

Benefits to Business Analytics in ERP

ERP business intelligence that can be gathered from ERP software analytics can be extremely useful in taking your company to the next level. Here are just a few benefits that comes from utilizing Paapri business analytics consulting services

Increases your data quality and provides the ability to cross check the entered data to ensure accuracy
Facilitates key management decisions, allowing managers instant insight into information to make the best decisions quickly and easily
Creates consistency by streamlining data access so that all applicable team members are able to see the same data at the same time
Business Analytics creates consistency by making sure that your entire team are on the same page by having access to the same data

Managing ERP Business Analytics Across Manufacturing Systems and Subsystems

Many times, merging all existing subsystems into one ERP platform isn’t practical. This is something that Paapri has experience handling and we’ve come to understand that it’s common for companies to have these subsystems outside of their ERP:

  • Product/Material Data Management Systems
  • Quality and Test Data Systems
  • Machine and SCADA Data Systems
  • Edge and Device Data
  • Product and Field Data
  • End User Data and Customer Feedback Systems

Machine data extracted, transformed, and mined in real time

Machine data extracted, transformed, and mined in real time

To account for these subsystems, Paapri experts will focus on developing data driven decision frameworks that can draw data from multiple systems into one access point.

Some of these business analytics in ERP project use cases are:

  • Creating an on-premise database and application that pulls data from multiple systems and inputs into proper dashboards for the shop floor
  • Using Microsoft Azure and AWS to create private cloud data farms for easily accessed data across multiple systems
  • Extracting and researching multiple years of product data, cleaning and transforming it, and then importing it into your ERP systems
  • Connecting multiple systems and subsystems via a middle tier Data ETL solution with a built-in rule engine

The Paapri Way

Our PCTConnect Application brokers information across multiple subsystems to keep them in sync. Its rule engine and queue management techniques manage timely and accurate delivery of data packets across multiple subsystems to provide a wholistic vision of ERP predictive business analytics.

Paapri’s Own Data Analytics and Visualization Platform in PCTeRP
Paapri’s Own Data Analytics and Visualization Platform in PCTeRP
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