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Benefit from ongoing application and development support services to ensure ERP software optimization. ERP software is only useful if its functioning correctly and able to be utilized for its intended purpose. With extensive experience in the manufacturing industry, the Paapri team not only understands the advantages an ERP can offer, but also how to gain and maintain the ERP software integration, configuration, and testing needed for successful use within the company.

App Development Support Team

ERP System Design, Development and Support Services

Whether Paapri was originally responsible for a company’s ERP development deployment, or there’s an existing ERP system development design, our team of application development experts can offer both maintenance support as well as ERP application development services to keep the ERP running the way it needs to.

Application Development Process

Sometimes, it’s necessary to adjust an existing ERP development design to better support the business. Even if put in place with another company, Paapri can assist with this type of application development support. The following steps are part of the universal Paapri process for each development project with a pre-existing application:

  1. Requirements Analysis and Specification
    Documentation and ensuring thorough understanding of requirements takes place. The existing application is then researched, and the impact of any new functionality is studied. New requirements are then documented as user stories and a timeline of changes is established.
  2. Design and Development
    Both high- and low-level technical design documents are produced. These documents form the foundation of the development work that follows. Each use case is developed and tested in agile, waterfall, or hybrid models.
  3. Testing
    Unit testing and systems testing of the changes in development environment is performed. The Paapri team will also facilitate the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with users.
  4. Deployment
    The newly developed functionalities are deployed into production, and a proper impact analysis is performed.
  5. Maintenance and Support
    The new code base is maintained and supported through the Paapri Run support. Any bugs and defects are fixed in development environment, and new releases are planned for any additional functionality.

The Paapri Way

Our expert team is well prepared to offer exceptional application and development support services. They’ll collaborate and communicate through the entire process. Throughout the process, you’ll have access to the following Paapri capabilities:

  • The understanding of a wide range of technologies in varied systems
  • Ability to develop new extensions and changes to the software
  • The running of software, implementation of updates, and ability to provide top-notch maintenance
  • Implementing upgrades to technology and fine-tuning databases
  • Maximum 2-hour turn times for a consultant to be assigned to any user issues needing to be addressed
  • Access to web conference communication 24/7, within 2 hours of the request
  • The knowledge to solve issues within the SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • The resources to take on multiple enhancement projects
  • A dedicated project manager
  • Extensive experience and knowledge providing the ability to suggest leading practices to run applications
  • Fixed monthly cost
ERP Application Development
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